Mathematics for Game Developers

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A fundamental understanding of mathematics is critical in every occupation and nowhere is it more important than in games development. In this course you will build your own C# classes to work with the geometrical constructs of 2D and 3D space that will develop your understanding of positioning and moving game objects. In short you will be build your own maths library to replicate Unity’s Vector2, Vector3 and Matrix4x4 and some Mathf methods.

Learn how to program and work with: 2D and 3D Space, Points, Vectors, Matrices, Mapping from one coordinate system to another, Positioning Objects, Navigation ,Angles and Interpolation.

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Estimated Time: 15 Hours, 69 Lectures

Difficulty: Beginner


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Penny de Byl Penny de Byl Author

I’m a full stack developer of most things computer sciency and academic with a true passion for teaching.  I’ve been teaching others about games development, programming, computer graphics, animation and web design for over 25 years in universities in Australia and Europe at the full professor level. I’ve also consulted for Unity, SAE, the Australian Institute of Entertainment and Wikitude. My best selling textbooks including Holistic Game Development with Unity are used in over 100 institutions world-wide. My graduates work at companies like Apple, Ubisoft, LinkedIn and Deloitte Digital.

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